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Aerobic System Homeowner Information

Altering the

Once an aerobic unit has been isntalled and inspected, it may not be altered in any way.


Chlorine/bleach must be maintained at all times. Chlorine/bleach are present to destroy any waterborne diseases that may be present. The homeowner is responsible in making sure that the system always has chlorine/bleach.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts go into effect the day the system is approved. The original installation contract is good for 2 years from that date. Maintenance contracts must be maintained at all times for an aerobic system. After 2 years the homeowner is responsible to renew the contract. Renewals must be submitted 30 days prior to expiration of the contract.


Grease and garbage disposals can and will cause problems with any type of septic system.

If a problem arises with the unit, please contact the maintenance company immediately. (903)498-8852


The homeowner must provide access to the aerobic unit when requested by the maintenance company. If access is limited due to a locked gate or aggressive animal the homeowner must provide a time where the maintenance company can access the system.


Aerobic systems usually need to be pumped out every 2-4 years. Failure to pump the system can result in BOD overloads and result in an odor. Failure to comply or correct the situation can result in costly repairs.

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